Smartivity: Pioneers Of Augmented Reality Activities For Children

Smartivity Augmented Reality Introduction

Smartivity Labs: The Pioneers of Augmented Reality For Children

What Is Augmented Reality?

What Do You Need To Experience Augmented Reality?

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Pioneering Augmented Reality Activities for Your Children

Smartivity Labs are the pioneers of Augmented Reality enabled activities for children.

We are among the first organisations globally to exploit the learning enhancing potential of Augmented Reality technology and bring it to children in the form of playful learning experiences.

Our objective is to be every child’s first augmented reality based learning experience.

With tremendous potential to revolutionise learning, engagement and entertainment, Augmented Reality is being hailed as the future of education and entertainment across the world.

Reimagining: Childhood Activities For Digital Age
Traditional activities for children like Colouring Sheets and Jigsaw Puzzles have been reimagined for a the Digital Age by Smartivity.

With Smartivity, children experience a higher level of digital engagement in addition to the joys of indulging in physical activity.

Smartivity's  patented Augmented Reality Colour and Texture Recognition technology adds a dimension of magic and wonder to a child’s world by bringing to life their creations in 3D on screen.

Patented Technology To Realise Your Child's Imagination
Smartivity EDGE’s brings a life-like 3D Augmented Reality experience to a child.
Our patented technology reproduces the exact same colours that a child has used in the colouring sheets.

Age Appropriate, Child-Safe
Smartivity EDGE content is curated by experts to ensure that all our activities are perfectly suited for the prescribed age-group.

Beyond Passive Engagement
Rooted in Smartivity’s core philosophy of “Smarter Learning”, Smartivity Augmented Reality activities are designed around the core principle of imparting dynamic learning through playful engagement. We take great pride in designing the most innovative, cool and world-class products that children love and parents trust.


Augmented Reality: The Future of Learning. And Fun.

Augmented Reality is a technology that allows us to add a digital layer of information, interaction and engagement to the physical world, when viewed through a screen. This leads to never seen before magical, informative and engaging experiences, all at once.

Smartivity Augmented Reality Pioneers

This is a technology that allows us to add a layer of digital information on top of reality as seen through a screen or a device. Augmented Reality Is a layer on top of existing physical reality. It requires a physical object to trigger the experience. Interaction with Augmented Reality objects occur through mobile/tablets/computer/wearable screens. Augmented Reality layer Is an addition of information (in the form of text, images or videos) to the information (sensory or otherwise) that already exists

Augmented reality enhances experiences by adding virtual components such as digital images, graphics, or sensations as a new layer of interaction with the real world.

Education, Advertising, Gaming, Entertainment
Any sector where there is a need to overlay information onto real objects can apply AR technology to

Smartivity Augmented Reality Education Toys

Usage in Education


Smartivity Augmented Reality Education Toys

Usage In Advertising


To Introduce Your Child To The Power Of Augmented Reality Enabled Learning, All You Need Is...

A smartphone or a tablet with over 1GB of RAM

An Augmented Reality enabled activity

An App compatible with the Augmented Reality enabled activity to experience the magic!

To experience the power of this wonderful technology, just click here and download one of our Augmented Reality Colouring Sheets. Introduce your child to a whole new dimension of learning and fun!