Why Choose Smartivity?

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We are committed to winning your trust and your child's love.

Every activity we design is founded in our belief in Smarter Learning, a philosophy that believes in wholesome 360-degree enhancement of Creative, Practical and Analytical skills.

With Smartivity you choose Learning-based, Engagement-driven toys and activities at the juncture of Physical and Digital worlds, designed to make your children smarter.

Smartivity S.T.E.M. Educational D.I.Y. Toys, Augmented Reality

From S.T.E.M. Learning based Educational D.I.Y. Toys, to Augmented Reality to Robotics, our goal is to engage, entertain and ensure that your child learns in the most playful manner.

We promise Safety and World-Class Quality to your child...

Smartivity Promise Safety Quality S.T.E.M. Educational Toys
The benefits from Smartivity activities to your child include:

Smartivity Benefits S.T.E.M. Educational D.I.Y. Toys Augmented Reality