Trusted by Parents, Loved by Children
"Several important concepts in motion, pressure and mechanics are used but the beauty is that the kids feel it and understand it intuitively way before they need to learn about it. Love the thought the team has put into the graphics, the material and the overall product. Kudos it's been a long time (ever?) since I have been blown by an Indian product." - Sandeep Pangal (Parent, on
"There's a sense of completion at every stage, especially exciting when the individual parts lock into each other and begin to move. This was the bit my daughter enjoyed the most - even making me shoot a video to show her grandparents the progress via Whatsapp." - Nisha Khot (parent, via email)
"The best part I liked about the model was if I made a mistake I had to really think, identify the problem and then come up with the solution. I also enjoyed painting it. It is awesome and one of my best games so far." - Shalitha (11 year old patron, via email)

S.T.E.M. and Augmented Reality Activities from Smartivity